Monday, October 29, 2007

I blog, therefore I am.

All is black. As the smoke settles, a shadowy figure emerges from a thick debris of excuses. A blinding light shown upon his face... all is quiet. Is it? It couldn't be... but it could, and it is.


"Where am I?" he asked. A host of family and friends came to his side, his bewilderment was anything but subtle. "There's a lot to explain," said a friend. "Much has changed since you left. Things are not as they seem."

"What do you mean?"

"Before your exodus, you left us with the legendary post 'Simponize Me!'. We have read it countless times, have studied it, and drank the sweet nectar of its contents for many days now."

"This pleases me. Why have you summoned me here today?"

"Oh Mike, as superb as your previous post was, there are those who have begun to speak of another post, yay, even a GREATER post, even so much as to surpass the greatness of your previous post!"

"SILENCE!" roared Mike. "There will be no more posts! 'Simpsonize Me' was the finest piece of literature this world has ever seen! How dare you suggest I produce another unique thought!"

"I have heard of one."


"Here me out Mike! You yourself subscribe to their RSS feed. You yourself have lavished in the genius of their creativity... I speak of the website of websites... the one website to rule them all!!"

"You don't mean??"

"YES!.... 'The SUPEREST!'"

"By the hammer of Thor! Why didn't you tell me? I must blog this at once. Thank you my friend."

"Good luck to you Mike, and welcome back."


This site is seriously the best in the whole world. You may remember a few posts back I introduced a website called Bearskinrug? Well, Kevin Cornell, the comic mastermind of Bearskin has teamed up with his good cohort in Crime, Sutters, to create one of my new favorite websites called "The Superest".

What is the Superest?

The Superest is a continually running game of My Team, Your Team. Player 1 draws a character with a power. Player 2 then draws a character whose power cancels the power of that previous character. Repeat.
My buddy Steve Dowdle and I used to do something like this in high school with these cute little characters we called fuzzies. It has been thrilling to see a battle of such magnitude commence between two of my favorite illustrators.


Make sure you start with the first hero by clicking on the link "Start me at the first hero!" at the top right of the page.

P.S. Sorry about the blogging hiatus. I'm back on board now. It's going to be hard to top The Superest though!