Thursday, April 12, 2007

Z is for Zombie

Today when I was at work I was searching for some design samples for an ad idea I was working on. While doing so, I came across something completely unrelated called "The Politically Incorrect Alphabet." The designer of the alphabet is married to an elementary school teacher. He had been spending a fair amount of his time in the classroom sitting on undersized chairs and admiring the alphabet charts plastered on the walls when he had this thought:

"It occurred to me that 'I' for Indian, one I remember from my childhood, has been replaced as it is no longer politically correct to refer to native/first/indigenous Americans as Indians."

"Lacking any tact or decency, I therefore determined to create an alphabet using only subjects that, while they might have been unremarked a few decades ago, are now outside acceptable usage. But only just."

Being a fan/supporter of the undead, I posted my favorite of the collection.

Take a look if you're in the mood for a laugh. Warning: a few of these might be a little offensive (it's not called politically incorrect for nothing).